January 13th, 2003


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Oh .. my God. I swear to God I just saw Lena from tatu. I was walking from my cafeteria to Dom's to pick up some milk, and this girl walked by me. She had the same long wavy ginger hair, and she was wearing sunglasses. She was smoking though. I don't think Lena smokes. But I SWEAR she was the SPITTING image of Lena. I think I scared her by staring e.e; Oh well.

Made more animated icons. I love making icons now that I know how to do it, and that I had the programs all along! Now I still need to find a site that I can post all of them so I can link them to hp_graphics and share them with all of my friends and such. Maybe I should upgrade to a paid account on this ruddy thing. Then I won't have to keep deleting my icons and replacing them with new ones.

I just called the Yukster, she was sleeping. God, she just sleeps TOO MUCH. Ok, granted she was up really early this morning, probably didn't go to sleep at ALL last night, since she came down town at around maybe 6 am. But it's 1 pm. She should be up by now. Damnit.

I'm going to go play The Sims. I haven't played that in a while ... now, where are my cheat codes ...
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Interesting thing ...

I saw someone today with the same urban outfitters Gryffindor scarf that I have. I wanted to say something about it, but I wasn't wearing my own scarf, so I'd just come off as a really .. really big dork. Oh wait. Aren't I already one?

I'm heading out to see if I can score something LotR from the used CD/DVD store down the street. Then heading off to Starrla and Adam's apartment with Jen.

Those chillichino's really give you a boost. But nothing gives me more f'ed up energy than a Monster energy drink x.o;

I really need to hit the gym sometime this quarter. If it wasn't so damn COLD maybe I would be there more often. I hate Chicago weather SO much XP
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