January 9th, 2003


Strange day ...

So, I got up to head off to my 10:10 Loop class. I head off on the Brown line, but I actually managed to catch a Purple line train. It's damn weird that whenever you want a Purple line to come, it never does, but when you want just a Brown line one, a Purple one shows up instead. Well, I didn't want to take the red line because it was nice out and didn't want to go into the subway. It took longer than expected for me to get to Jackson downtown, so I had about 10 minutes until the start of class. Someone took my window seat, and then 2 guys started talking behind me.

What disturbed me was the casual way he was taking about being in the army. He'd been in what I think was the airborn division for 14 years. He was in the reserves, and he'd just gotten a call from one of his superiors to tell him to have his bags packed, and be ready to get his shots, and have his will updated. Good God. His WILL?! He was going to war. It terrified me. I didn't even know him. And he was talking about how he'd killed people, and all the countries he'd been to. People were turning around and staring at him, like why the hell would he be talking so loudly about this, and so liberally? It made me feel really uneasy.

Class went well. We watched Lockhart--I mean ... Kennith Branaugh overreact--I mean ... brilliantly perform Hamlet. I'm surprised he didn't actually go insane in that production. I need to see the Mel Gibson version. I have two classes that deal with theater. My Sophomore Seminar class, my teacher Lenora absolutly hates the Branaugh version, and my teacher in Intro to Shakespeare loves it. So ... it's hard having to deal with two extreme sides of this one movie.

I finished reading the play for my Sophomore Seminar class. It was a modern play called July 7th, 1994. It was about a woman doctor, named Kate, who worked in a small clinic. She had an assortment of different patients, all of which turned her words around and made her seem like the enemy. I felt bad for her. She's a mother of a 2 yr old son, still married. She was just being totally ripped on, and ... I just felt really bad for her. By the end, I was crying with her, as her husband recited a bedtime story he'd read to their son that night. Poor Kate ...
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