January 7th, 2003



Yah, so I enrolled in a class today. Computer Graphics and Design. Apparently, my school (Liberal Arts & Science) does have computer graphics classes, but not a computer graphics MAJOR. And the CTI school's computer graphics classes are different ... somehow. But this class that I'm taking focuses on Photoshop and Illustrator, the two programs I WANT TO LEARN. But I'm not technically suppose to be in the class. I have to have a pre-requisit of Art 105, which is literaly IMPOSSIBLE to get into, and besides that, it's a drawing class. I know how to draw pretty well ... I think. And I do know a good deal about Photoshop, even if 5.5 is significantly different (in appearance) than 6.0, and it's the Mac platform, not PC. That's ok. I like Macs. I'm not one of those only pro-PC people. And I think I used PS 6.0 back in high school. I actually managed to bring my zip disk that contains all of my work from that class. Go me!

The teacher is very quiet, and very young. I'd like to think she's fresh out of college, in fact. And she reminds me of my old babysitter, which was my mom's best highschool friend's daughter.

My 'rents are happy now that I have a full schedual. I'm not sure I am. All of my classes seem really interesting. 2 classes that deal with theater, one class that deals with the evolutionary biology of movies, and then my comp graphics class. So, it's all stuff I'm somewhat into. So I'm feeling much better about myself now that I'm getting something done.

Now onto another matter ... if I'm going to transfer into the theater school or not for costume technology.

I was reading a biography on Alan Rickman, and he's got a bachelors degree in computer graphics, and yet he's an actor. I thought that was *very* interesting. Maybe I can pull something like that off. Minor in computer graphics, and then maybe major in costume tech.

Another matter that consumes me is where I'm going to live next year. Either with Jen and Jack in her aunt's condo (if parental units allow) or with Steph in a University affiliated apartment or "residence hall" aka dormitory ( *IF* she transfers here ... which I'm still trying to convince her is a good idea to do ... )

Now, the most desperate conflict at hand: getting dearest daddy to put money in my checking account so that I may be able to purchase books ... ugh ... books ...
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