January 1st, 2003



Everyone must have cunch. CUNCH!

Ok, now that I've said one of the strongest in-jokes from my New Years experience, it's time for me to get on with other stuff.

Party @ Hayley's was great. Driving was bleh as usual. The ride home took less time than I thought. Thank God. It was really windy today and I had to almost keep a white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel as we barreled down 55 at 80 mph. Speed limit was 65, but I was being passed a lot ...

I'm glad I didn't get drunk last night. Really glad. Just a buzz was enough for me. SKYY is my new favorite drink. It's like Sprite. You can hardly taste the liqor. Mmmn, soo good ... want one now ...

I think I'm going to go watch Legolas-- I mean, Lord of the Rings. I didn't get to sleep last night until like, 3. Woke up at 9, went back to bed, woke up again at noon. All of us = Hayley, Ann, Steph and Ash - went to Denny's for breakfast. Except I was the only one that got lunch. I'm hungry ...

Aah! A centipeed! KILL IT!!!
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    LotR - Samwise the Brave

What a diet ...

I just gave up working on my corset. This thing will never get done. No one's online. I'm bored. I need smut.

And for dinner, I had 3 Ferro Rocher chocolates ... I don't know how I'm going to loose weight. It's depressing to know that I'm almost 200 lbs ... *sigh* and yet I do nothing about it. Meh, someone kick me.