December 28th, 2002



Battle today for Dagorhir. Legolas isn't finished. I can't make the bloody sleeves work the way I want them to. RAWR

I need to go to my second home-- I mean the fabric store. Mum needs navy blue thread to sew a button on my dad's coat.

And I figured out an UBER neat thing on my sewing machine. This giant foot piece is a button hole piece. You slip the button into this slot, and then it gives you the needed measurement of the button hole. That's just so cool for someone that's never sewn a button hole.

Dad just tried to choke me with my shirt. How nice.

I forgot to turn off my alarm from yesterday, so it went off today at 9:15 and I didn't need it too.

Oriental ramen = WIN
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Funny thing

When I was at the funeral mass for my Aunt Joyce, I kept singing Ju Te Veux in my head to keep from crying. I'm a very VERY emotional girl. Everyone that knows me remembers my Pokemon movie ordeal -_-;

But, it was the only way to keep me from crying. Another one was imagining the priest was Gackt. I don't know why. Well, this priest was Vietnemese and spoke english with a very heavy accent. Newly ordaned too, as well as his first funeral mass.

My fingers and feet are so bloody cold. I need some hot chocolate and schnopps ... *addiction!* I'm so sore already from battle. I'd hate to know what I feel like tomorrow when I wake up ... IF I wake up.

I almost through out my grandma's X-Mas present. She sent everyone's present in a big box. My dad got 2 sweaters, my mom got some jewlery, and John and I didn't get anything, or so I thought. Mum asked, as I was throwing out the box, if I got grandma's card. I said no, and leafed through the (what I thought was an) empty box. I found two cards in there. One for me, one for my brother. Good catch.

I've had to re-do my Legolas sleeves for a 3rd time. That website my lotrcostume comm sent me was excellent, but did a rather confusion job of explaining how the sleeves were done. Now that Dagorhir is done for the season, or so we think, I'll make this ready for something else. Maybe to the Ren Faire, ACen, who knows. Only problem will be a good wig. I have no idea where to find a wig that looks like his ...
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