December 27th, 2002


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too early to be functional
mum woke me up at 8:30 to get dressed for the mass that we're going to at 10. I'm ready, they haven't even gotten dressed yet. I hate it when they do this. I'm always ready and waiting for them, when they wake me up so bloody early. Same thing happened on Christmas. I was up at 9:00, took a shower, got dressed, ready to leave for church at 10:00. Mom's not dressed, dad's outside shoveling driveway. I hate that so much. Another thing I hate is funerals. Well, it's not a funeral today, just a mass, thank God. I couldn't last through a funeral today.

Saw LotR ... again ... last night with Yukster. For some reason, the theater we went to last night was much louder than the others. Anyone else notice that movies are getting louder?

Mom didn't like the lace shirt and black pin stripe pants I was wearing. ANd she just informed me that I'm going to carry the water/wine/bread stuff. Now she just told me to put on make up. I AM WEARING MAKE UP! None of that old style shitty rouge on my cheeks crap. The lok now a days is natrual. Besides, I hate looking like I'm blushing. I have eye make up and lipstick. I don't need anything else.

Good God, why did I wake up this morning?
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My dad took me shopping today for my Christmas present. A nice new Viking sewing machine. In fact, I feel like it's better than my mom's, for less than half the price of what hers was. Now I can sew without mum worried I'd break hers. Legolas is almost done. Sewing on the zipper is not going as nicely as I'd hoped. And someone on the lotr costume comm clued me into a website that gave GREAT shots of Legolas for my costuming needs. So very happy!

Mum and dad left to just go for a joy ride. I'm left at home to fiddle with my sewing machine. yay.

Today started out really sucky with that memorial mass. But it got better. I'm really tired. Hopefully I'll be able to make it and finish Legolas in time for battle tomorrow ...
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