December 24th, 2002


Bah humbug

So, I was up until around 3 am last night. I had a sudden surge of creativity and started making Legolas. It's looking pretty sweet so far. I still have a few things I need to run out and get. I'm hoping to finish it Thursday in time for battle on Saturday. I just hope it isn't so ruddy cold outside.

I want to work on it more. Now that I'm motivated enough, I want to finish it. Maybe then it will strike me to get motivated for Kozi. I have almost everything I need. The Yukster found an awesome step by step instructions on how to make a jester hat. Woohoo! Go Yu~Ki! And I think I've found a cheap alternative to making the gold embroidery around the hat and down the torso of the jacket-thing. I'm going to test my theory out soon, methinks.

I think that it's safe to say that we will rock ACen again this year, simply for the fact that I have yet to see a full American Gekka cosplay group. Maybe there have been some, but no one's taken pictures and whatnot. But still. I've seen good Japanese Gekka groups, and I've seen individual members (usually Mana and Gackt duo's) but never a full group. I can't wait. We're so going to kick everyone's ARSE.

Trainspotting was on the tele last night. I was watching TLC before then while having this sudden urge to make Legolas. On TLC they had this program called "FROM HELL!" I remember watching it before and they had the world's worst restaurants. This time around, it was facelifts and plastic surgery. Good GOD. After watching that show, I will NEVER EVER go under the knife. Well, considering all of the cases were in the UK, I *sill* wouldn't go under the knife. I like my face and body just fine. They showed the one woman who has this obsession with plastic surgery. She's had over 20 surgery's and is known for having the worlds biggest breast implants. She was French, and she reminded me of Minka ... yes, Minka. *shudder*

Looks like there will be no snow for Christmas. YAY! Although I kinda wanted to do a snow battle for Dagorhir before going back to school ...
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