December 23rd, 2002



I got away from the house! I got more fabric! I'm going to play DDR soon! Yay!

I'm at Jen's typing this up. While she cleans the house a bit. I'm thirsty ... really thirsty. I think that energy drink I had this morning for breakfast has finally worn off. That's not a good sign.

My dad found a Chicagoland Costumers Guild today. Jen and I are thinking of joining. There's also another convention we might go to, if I finish Gekka Kozi in time: Costume Con 2003. It's in Skokie. April 19th-21st. We might do Gekka. We might do Shroi. We're not sure yet. There's a costume contest too. Fantasy and Science Fiction. I don't know if JRock would really count as either one of those. But Gekka might count for Fantasy *shrug* Then again, I might want to make Legolas for that. Jen would be a good .. uh ... Arwen? Or maybe just another elf archer with me ...

And Jen is going to make a Visual Kei version of Colonel Tavington for fun ... o_o; I need to see pictures of this before I can really tell you what I think of it.
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