December 22nd, 2002


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I woke up rather late this morning, not really meaning to. My dad called up to me to tell me it was safe for me to wake up, now that all the work was done. I was like, "buh?"

Yeah, so my mom made a few batches of Christmas cookies ... whoopy. They go into this big schpeal on how I don't work enough around the house, then my mom threatens to take the internet away.

All of my internet friends will tell you that me w/o internet = not good.

It's an addiction. Worse than crack.

Holy shit, I'm like Gollum ...

"My pressscious ... theys took our presssscccious!"
"Stupid .. fat hobbit!"

Maybe I should walk around on all fours and speak like Gollum. Freak my 'rents out. Maybe then they'd understand why I lurv the internet and why I must have it ...

Now, if only I had a cute Hobbit like Frodo ... I really like Lij now. He's so cute. The way he looked in TTT when he was entranced ... man, what's with cute young men looking entranced? I mean, Harry did it in CoS with his parseltongue ... Frodo when that Black Rider appeared ... *shrug*

*belch* well, I think I'm going to go try and make my Legolas outfit now ... can't be online too long. 'Rents will think I'm up to something or another.

The "chat line" is what they call it. I swear to GOD, if they fuckin' say "chat line" again, I will seriously slap them. I fucking hate it when they call it that. I do FAR more things online than just chat ... *growl*

I'll give you "chat line" ... *bite*

Maybe with all this offline time, I can maybe get some of my costumes done ... what a thought!
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To those of you interested:

I have a new SN: BlondArcherElf ^_^;

I'll still have all my other ones on AIM, but Ionelydarkness and BlondArcherElf will be my two that have AOL profiles ... or something ... yah ...

Costuming offline time is boring ...

So, I did a search for my name online.

I am:
A poet, a race car driver, a scientist, an airplane pilot, a Professor of Psycology, an artist, and *drum roll* A PORN STAR! w00t!

I've cannibalized my graduation hat for use in making my Kozi one. I taped pieces of my cannibalized Legato coat that I cut into triangle shapes onto the hat ... God, it looks retarded -_-;
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