December 21st, 2002



I haven't been home for a while. My back hurts. A lot. Maybe that blow to my spine did worse damage than I thought ...

Legolas's outfit is all planned out. I'm going to steal the covers off the bed that my brother never uses any more and make Legolas's under tunic out of that. Still need the archery stuff, some brown suede (need to go out and get that suede cloth at JoAnne's! It's on sale! It would be PERFECT) pants and boots and other fun stuff.

While up late last night, I flipped on ... Showtime, I think. It was the late hours, so I was expecting porn. But what I got was something very different and ... strange.

It was a documentary on a porn house called the Bunny Ranch. And it was making me LAUGH. This entire show was trying to make the porn industry look like a decent place to work. A couple of the "working girls" (that's what they called them ... not prostitutes, whores, sluts ... ) even had husbands and boyfriends that were ok with their "job." What kind of dumbfucks do you take us to be? Ok, so they have STD check ups every month. So they're addicted to sex, but in a "good way." *rolls eyes*

What really got me, was that their big boss man was this old balding sort of pimp. His words that really got me thinking were that most of his girls can be set for life within 2 to 3 years of working at the Ranch. Well, humdinger! If *I* get a job there, I'd be a millionare in only 2 to 3 years! Well then, why isn't everyone just a "working girl" if it's that bloody easy?

*huff* anyways ... yeah, there's my ranting.

I want a Strong Bad hoodie ...
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