December 19th, 2002



No LotR dreams. I am sad. I'm going out to the thrift store and to the fabric store today. I want to make that outfit now before I go insane. I have no money. I have no job. I'm going to be kicking myself come ACen time when I have no money -_-;

Not to mention, HP Symposium. Why did I agree to that? Oh yes, because I thought I'd get my damn job back. I need a job. Hopefully there will be one for me in the Student Center and I can work with Andrew ... maybe ... *growl*

My new weapon that my brother gave me is so great. It's somewhat cheaply made, but it looks pretty cool. It's one of those items you get at flea markets or China town. I now have 2 weapons in my growing weapons collection of real weapons ( lightsabers don't count ) I need to get a nice long bo, and I'm definatly going to get a bow and arrows. I've always loved archery. Especially when I pulled a Robin Hood at summer camp 2 years ago. I managed to split an arrow that was already imbedded into the target. The teacher was impressed, and so was I. I got to keep the arrow ^_^;

Time to go wake up the Yukster ... she's been asleep too long already ...
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I should just rename this to my cosplay journal ...

Petras told me I should stop watching anime because each time I see a new series, I want to make a costume from it. It's a terrible, expensive addiction. But at least it's a somewhat creative, productive hobby. Not many people can say they learned how to sew making a costume.

I think I'm going to take some sewing classes this summer, and get some real experience. It would look good on a transfer credits to DePaul too. And maybe I'll learn something! That's always a good thing.

I found Legolas fabric today for $.99 a yard. What a DEAL! It's sturdy fabric too. And it's perfect. I also found rather decent Gekka Kami fabric. It was nice and cheap too. I have to ask Starrla's opinion tho. Since she's going to be buying it ( sort of ... )

Saw Nightmare Before Christmas a few nights ago. I'd seen it before, but it had been so long. It was nice to see it again. They should make more claymation movies. And we were discussing how they should make it into a stage play. I think it would be rather easy.

I also was discussing ways of making a Jack Skelington outfit for Petras ... -_-;
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