December 18th, 2002



Ok, I haven't been here for a full 24 hours ( my home, that is ) and it feels weird.

I saw LotR last night. It was so visually stunning, so bloody amazing. I missed out seeing the first one in theaters. But just like the Harry Potter sequel, this one proved to be much better. I remember how I used to say "All sequels to movies suck" and give Jurassic Park and Lost World as an example. Harry Potter and LotR make that statement pointless. Maybe it's because they were planned as a trilogy (of sorts)

Anyways, if you care to read on, my review of LotR is Collapse )

Anyways, onto other things.

My brother just presented me with my Christmas present. A double-edged dagger *_* this is so something Legolas would carry around with him ...

*twitch* Legolas ... *twitch* Harry Potter ...

I'm going to go insane ...
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