December 16th, 2002



I've started to re-vamp my LJ. The first thing to go were my icons. So, now I have a new set of three! I went on an icon making spree, so I have about 10 or 15 that are on my school computer waiting to be used. Maybe I'll try and find a place to upload my images so I can start sharing with people.

I still have like, 8 Snape ones that I gave away that I'd like to see used. Maybe that's what I can give my online friends for X-Mas ... LJ icons! Wow, am I cheap or what?

So, I'm stuck in the house all day. Mom went to work and she wants me to stay home in case she gets sick and I have to go run and get her. She won't be home until 4. I'm stuck. I wish my damn school computer modem would WORK! Then I wouldn't have to unplug and plug in everything over and over again. I only brought home the tower, nothing else. I had a scare that I actually broke my home computer. An error msg popped up when I was plugging it back in, and it said "No mouse detected" when it was clearly plugged in. Damn this 4 year old computer, and my parents complete idiocy not to get a new one and upgrade the 56k modem *shakes angry fist*

*sneeze* computer dust .. ugh ...
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