December 12th, 2002


Wee, another dream!

Wow, I actually slept in today. I didn't wake up at 9:30 like I usually do. But I feel kinda icky. Stuffy nose, aching bones. I hope I'm not getting a cold ...

Anyways, for those that care to read my f'ed up dreams, this one was about Collapse )
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I am the mission.
You're a mecha pilot!

You might be a sub-category of bishounen, but this hardly matters since you don't notice anything that didn't feature in the last edition of Guns'n'Ammo magazine. You have been trained since an unfeasibly early age to be a machine of death and destruction. If you've noticed an annoying girl following you around and repeatedly getting into danger and requiring rescue recently, run like hell - she's probably your love interest...

Which generic anime character are you?

I hate mechas ... u.u

Gotta Catch 'em All!

So, I was bored, mom threatened to do something if I spent the entire day on the computer. So, instead I went into my bedroom, thought of a really funny piece of fanart which I scribbled rather quickly (scan may or may not be coming soon ... check back with me on it )

I spent all day in my room, my mom slept most of the day. I watched Animal Planet, TLC, Mtv (Lij was on TRL! His laugh is so .. FUNNY! XD And damn is he SHORT. He has to be like ... 5'5" Kat ... )

So, I found my old pocket game boy. I swear, they don't make these any more. The new rage is game boy color and game boy advance. So I must have the last working version of the old black and white version. So, I pop in Pokemon. I have no other games. I have Pokemon red, silver, and gold version. I actually only bought the red version, and Sam Augustiniak and I found a game boy outside of school 2 years ago. We split the findings, she got the game boy and 1 game, I got the other two ^^;

So yah, that was my day. Wake up, get yelled at by mom, go lock self in room, play game boy all day.

Still need to work on Kozi. My brother asked what sort of gift card I wanted for Christmas. I told him fabric store gift cards. Hopefully I'll get what I want this year *crosses fingers*

A sewing machine of my own would be really really nice ...

And this ruddy headache won't ... go ... away ...
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