December 10th, 2002


And the peasents rejoyce *yay*

Got my Kozi shoes! OMFGTHEYARESOBLOODYCOMFORTABLE! I hope they're like this when I have to wear them for 14 hours ... I think it's the really really nice thick socks I'm wearing with 'em too. Maybe a couple of layers of socks will save my feet next year, and perhaps ...

*models Dr. Scholl's package* Some of these! *beams*

Tried spinning in them, can't walk on carpet or I'll break my ankle. I think I can get used to them. I better get used to them. I like them this black. I don't want to turn them red o_o in case they turn out shitty.

My other eBay package came! Yay for horridly expensive Harry Potter patches! They look so bloody gorgeous tho. I'm going to take my old cloak and actually use that for the lining of my new cloak. Gawd, so many sewing projects. Almost done with my corset. Need to get crackin' on Kozi >O *pokes Kansas* is Mana hard at work over there? Or are you still frozen to your computer seat? *sends unusually warm Chicago weather your way*

Bah, Christmas is almost here, and I've gotten ONE person their present ... *huff* go me ... *head explodes*
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