December 9th, 2002


dub i dub i dub i dub dub dub ...

Wee! My parents are gone for the next few hours! Mom had a doc's appointment. Time to bust out the pizza for breakfast :D

I'm going to Jen's today, wee! I love being down town. It's so much better than suburbia Chicago. Granted it's a whole lot easier to drive around here than it is Chicago, I still like down town much better.

Still jobless. I'm not really looking for a job any more, I just want to chill. I'll look for a job at school. Besides, hopefully my tax return check will arrive just in time for the HP convention *crosses fingers*

I hate money. I hate not having it. I hate it when I do have it, because it's gone faster than I can say "fabric store!"

ACen this year is going to keeel me x.o; so is that HP symposium ... and any other cons I decide to go to. I still want to go to one where I can make that crazy Madrigal/Voyage whatever Kozi with the fun cape.

Aarrrguh, still need potato sack fabric ... and Kami fabric ... and ... *head explodes*
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