December 7th, 2002


School, costmes, Christmas, blah

Wow, Kozibot isn't posting another quiz! OMG! WTF?!
<_< Yah so, today my brother wanted me to take him to pick up his girlfriend so that they could come home and THEY would put up our Christmas tree. My brother claims he did it all by himself last year, when about the only thing he did do was string on a few lights. Dad and I did most of the work ourselves. *sneeze!* Fuck you, cat! When I found out another alternative motive for me going to pick her up, I decided to keep the $30 he gave me for gas money and coufering duties and tell him that I'm not going to save her from her bitchy mom. He seems to think that every parent is out to kill their child and that they are the worst people. *rolls eyes* Now, let's not forget my brother has a psycological mental disorder. So yah, he started off on me, asking for his money back, and I said no. He asked me why I was so bitchy, and I said "Now you know what it feels like to have given someone something and get nothing in return ... like mom and dad have been doing with you for YEARS " he just kinda went silent and left. Besides, he still owes me $2000. He stole all of my money from my bank account and went and bought himself a POS car that needed over $3000 worth of repairs to it, and then ended up getting it impounded anyways and just loosing all of the $5000 that MY DAD AND I (me, not so willing, of course) put into it. Besides, I used it to buy pretty black rose patterned fabric to make a corset out of ^^; Yay for sewing projects! And the deal with school, I want to ask my friends out there what I should do. Should I: 1) Keep in the Liberal Arts & Science school and struggle to find a career choice in there, as in Psycology, Socilogy, English, Fine Arts, teaching etc. 2) Transfer to the Theatre school and get a B.F.A. in costuming technology 3) Transfer to the Computer Telecommunications and Information school and get a major in computer graphics? There are ups and downs to all of these ideas. If I transfer to Theater, most of my credits will still be good. CTI is a computer school, so almost none of my credits would transfer. And saying in LA&S means getting something that I possibly won't want. *huff* don't go to college unless you know what you want to do, and be sure that your college won't fuck you over from the begining ... mneh, no more rambling ... I'm off to ... do stuff ... with Jen, I think Oy, Bunny, I saw Yu~Ki's Gekka coat yesterday. Woo! It's spiffay! :D She's insane :P All I can say to that is: Yu~Ki shrine o_o; Pictures coming soon!
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