December 3rd, 2002


Nothing like Gackt Job ...

I wish I had a job. Well, I thought I did. Until today. Home Depot is a crock of shite. They couldn't just let me back on? I've only been gone for 3 months ...

So, I went to apply at Toys R Us. Now, I never thought about this before. But today, I was in a thinking mood. On most applications, they ask for your home phone #, and then they also ask for ... work ... phone #. Now, if you're applying for a JOB there, why would you have to put your WORK number? Besides, doesn't that ALSO go on the line for "Please tell us your latest job history ... " I think they should change that to "cel phone" or "fax numer: or something.

I swear, I had to write and sign my name, ss#, telephone and addres 4 TIMES on that damn application. Life is so complicated e.e;

So, in the meantime while I don't have a job, it's costume making time. I just tallied up that I have 6 costumes planned for next year. Of which, 2 are top priority, 1 can be done any time I feel like it, and 3 that are of less importance at the moment.

Of most importance is Kozi. I need dire help *_* Hey, Mana-kuun, if your Kozi friend has started her costume yet, d'you think I could get some pointers from her O_o;

I'm not really all that great at costuming as some people think I am ... but I am anal about attention to detail, that's why I'm so afraid about this project. Gekka Kozi is ... detailed ... my head is gonna esplode. I swear to GODS, if we do not win anything >O ...

Oh yah, my good deed of the day: shoveled the driveway. Now my arms hurt and I want to take a nap.

Plans for the rest of my day: work on Kozi ruffle, go out and see CoS ... again XD
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He'd kill me if he knew I put this up here ...

Transcript of talk with Petras over the male anatomy ..

Collapse )

Ok, so now you know what I do. I pressure my ex-best guy friend into revealing dirty dirty secrets about himself that even his GIRLFRIEND doesn't know, and will never find out XD;
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