December 1st, 2002


More weird dreams time ...

Before I forget them, I thought I'd write down my weird dreams of the past few nights.

Starting with the earliest, the one I had 2 nights ago.
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The dream I had at Ashley's, I think ...
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And now, the dream I had last night ...
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Anyone know of any good websites to interpret dreams?
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We're off to see the Wizard ...

My mom started to call me Harry today. She says I need a hair cut, and asked me why I was looking so boyish. I just shrugged and told her I liked my hair short. She kinda stared for a while and then went back to her own business.

Slept over at Ash's yesterday, played an intense round of Crazy Nickle's DDRing and then went back to her place to watch Ep2. I'm glad I lost interest in Star Wars for Harry Potter. HP seems just so much more fun, and is somewhat rooted in reality, not some far off fantasy world of CGI.

Started working on the Kozi neck ruffle. This one is going to be SO MUCH easier than my Gardenia one. I'm still not very happy with the way that one turned out. But it was still better than most one's I've seen before ...

Still wondering about our Kami situation. We have a ready and willing Kami to replace Kaede if needed, but there are many complications with this. First of all, I really don't want to stop being Kaede's friend, but after her bitching out, I can't seem to come up with any way of talking to her again. It's not like I can appologize. I didn't DO anything. She should appologize. Like that's ever going to happen. Kaede would never cave. She's so bloody arrogant. Another thing is that she's low on cash, so flying out here would be rather iffy, on top of the hotel cost and the con registration. Unles she can get Harry the JRock booth owning Gackt look-alike boi to pay her way, I don't really see any chance of her coming, let alone dressing in a costume that may very well be EXPENSIVE. God knows these costume will be expensive ... she still bloody owes me at LEAST $50 from Toshiya -_-; or she should just send me the damn costume back, along with my Gackt coat! I want that coat BACK! I wanna be Au Revior Gackt some other time! *huff*

So, that is all ... isn't this excitting? No? Didn't think so ...
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