November 29th, 2002


So, on to better things

Well, first bit of good news is that I got my Kozi fabric finally. The after Thanksgiving sales are great. I got "special occasion" silky red satin fabric for 1/2 price, and then I found some neat looking gold and red fabric for $1.99 a yard, and then bought some plain solid golden rod fabric for the cape part, and then about 4 yards of shiney and non-shiney red tulle for about $1.99 a yard. Yay! Now that I have all the fabric, I can actually feel better about this costume. The only thing I need now is the uber expensive golden trim. I'm waiting until I have most of the costume completed before buying the gold fringe. That stuff is $9 a yard, and I don't want to get too much if I can help it.

I just hope 7 yards of fabric will be enough satin. I think it will be.

Helped dad with the outdoor Christmas stuff, visited Ash-wee at work, went to Pep Boys for the first time. Yay, what a fun day.

Oh yah, I spent about $30 on my fabric in total. YAY!

And Ash hinted that I shouldn't buy a PSX, DDR or a DDR pad because someone might give it to me for a Birthday/X-Mas present ... Hrmmm ...
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