November 26th, 2002


Happy Birthday to me ...

Turning 20 feels so weird ...

because, for some reason, I actually feel older now. Not like how you feel older somewhere around the mid year of your new age.

I'm going to go buy a Harry Potter cake and eat it all myself ... yay ...

On the day I was born:

In the U.K. the #1 hit was "I Don't Wanna Dance" by Eddy Grant ...

In the U.S. the #1 hit was "Up Where We Belong" by Joe Cocker (O__o;) and Jennifer Warnes

Authors born on my birthday: English pre-Romantic poet, hymnist, translator, and letter-writer William Cowper (1731; d.1800), who co-wrote the Olney Hymns

Back in 1922, King Tut's Tomb was opened on November 26th ...

According to the International Programs Center, U.S. Bureau of the Census, the total population of the World, projected to 11/26/02 at 16:59:12 GMT (11/26/02 at 11:59:12 AM EST) is 6,258,508,879

Famous people born today: Tina Turner, Rich Little ( NOT little Richy -_-, this guy's an Impressionist), Robert Goulet, Charles Schulz (comic artist), Eugene Ionesco (Romanian playwrite), Eric Sevareid (American Telejournalist)

Famous people that died today: Sojourner Truth, Cyril Connolly (English writer) Ashley Montagu (English anthropologist)

The film Casablanca premiered in New York back in 1942 on this day

Word of the day, brought to you by the Oxford English dictionary website:


1. A genus of evergreen trees or shrubs with fragrant white or pink panicled flowers, growing in the tropical valleys of the Andes, and now extensively cultivated in India and Java for the sake of the bark.
2. The medicinal bark of species of Cinchona, Peruvian bark; also the drug prepared from it.
3. attrib. and Comb. a. simple attrib.

So many interesting things ... I'm bored, and not wanting to study for my Japanese final that I have in ... a half an hour -_-;
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A conversation ...

A conversation I overheard of the band members:

(Kozi) Aah! I forgot to draw in my eyebrows today! CRAP!
(Yu~Ki) Dont worry! I brought my pencil with me! XD I can draw them for you!
(Kozi) <_< Are you sure you know how to do it right? I mean ... you always make yours so high ... and they're often crooked, too ... you old man ... (Yu~Ki) Of course I can! They always look funny because I'm too nice to tell Mana 'no' when he asks ... (Kozi) Give me the pencil, Yu~ki ... (Yu~Ki) But...I can do it, really! Dont you looooove me? ::winkwink:: (Kozi) no, Yu~Ki ... give me the damn pencil! (Yu~Ki) No! It's my pencil! (Mana) ... (Kozi) Oh, hello Mr. Mana, no nothing's going on in here ... (Mana) ... (Kozi) Damnit ... Mana, tell Yu~Ki to give me his pencil so I can draw in my eyebrows! *points to nekkid brow* (Mana) ... (Kozi) There, you heard him! (Yu~Ki) Mana, tell him that it's ok for my to draw his eyebrows for him! Tell him! (Mana) ... (Kozi) I will *not* let you draw my eyebrows in, Yu~Ki ... (Kozi) FINE! Go be bed buddies with Gackt, I'm sure he loves an old man in the sack ... *turns to mirror, starts drawing in eyebrows* Damnit ... Yu~Ki! This is ORANGE! I need BLACK! (Yu~Ki) yes, well. You never specified wha colour you wanted. (Kozi) che ... *throws pencil back at him* Mana, I need your eye pencil ... (Mana) ... (Kozi) ... what?! $45?! (Mana) ... (Kozi) I just need it for ... two lousy eyebrows, please?! (Mana) ... (Yu~Ki) Should've just used orange ... (Kozi) Shut up! It doesn't go with my clow-esk outfit, Yu~ki ... (Mana) ... (Kozi) No, I don't want blue. I want black ... (Yu~Ki) Might as well just pay him. You'll never find it in time ... (Kozi) Oh yes I will ... I still have 2 more people to try! To be continued ...
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