November 24th, 2002


Story of the day

My dad and I went out to eat for my parent's 36th anniversary. My mom was too sick, and my dad just wanted to go out.

So my dad gets to telling me this story about a TV program he was watching. Something like World's Most Idiotic Ideas or something. And this little town in Europe, sitting right on the sea, had a big problem. A 40 ton whale beached itself on their beach and they didn't know how to get rid of it.

Well, they decided that blowing it up would be a good idea -_-; I have a feeling this town is full of guys or something. So, they stick a TON of dynomite under the edge of this whale, and the pyrotechnitian ignites it.

There's a gigantic explosion, and 20 seconds later, HUGE chunks of flaming whale fat start raining down upon the town (they had all gathered to watch ... ) They were diving under things to get out of the barrage of flying flaming fat. Cars were getting crushed under tons of fat and other flying whale parts. A guys Cadillac was totaled.

*sniggers* this made me laugh for a long ... long time.
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