November 22nd, 2002


Yay for Friday

I just got back from my Java final, having 'finished' it in no less than about 45 minutes. It should've taken me maybe a good 2 hours, if I had known the stuff. Not to mention, having Renai Revolution crammed in your head, humming it to yourself at the back of the class, while trying to figure out a do-while loop -_-;

I haven't eatten all day ... it's almost 4 o'clock, I'm hungry, yet far too lazy to get up and get food. I just want to sleep.

Last night was spent at Petras's apartment again. Sean was in town. To my surprise, I found out later that evening after returning home that Sean had transfered to Benedictine, and was no longer at IW.

We had loads of fun, yummy Giordanos pizza, oreo ice cream ( I hope it's not all gone by now :P I left it at his place, because my freezer couldn't fit that big box ) Laughing, reading beastiality fics, playing Kingdom Hearts, watching GWAR videos.

If you've never seen the band GWAR, you're missing out ... they're freak-licious ... I dunno if any of you remember that ... weird goblin looking thing at ACen 2k2 that didn't look like an anime character. He was seen playing the piano, and at the dance, just kinda chilling in the back. Well, think of a whole band dressed like those freaks, and playing shitty heavy metal music. They're hillarious, and their videos are ... well, yeah, bad. But they know that they are bad, which makes it even better.

Well, we were up until the wee hours of the night, and I told Petras and Sean that I had a final tomorrow morning. But it didn't seem to keep me from wanting to go home ... I got back at somewhere around 2 in the morning, my roomie wasn't back, thank God. It was the best night sleep I could've had.

Oouu, the sunset is a nice orange tonight ... it's shining through my window ... it's looking very pretty ... very orange.

Lost track of thought, DAMN.
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