November 20th, 2002


My CTA adventures

Y'know what? I really ... really hate homeless people. I do. I don't care what people say. They're homeless because they're inferior and have no clue as to how to get a friggin' job.

Last night, my friend Andrew and I went out for dinner at TGI Fridays. On the way back, we decided some El sign swiping was to be on our agenda next. We came away with a pretty good run. 1 system mape, 3 Jack signs, and 2 brand new smoking Jack signs. On our way home, we were in that little back part of the train next to the conductor's compartment. I pulled out Andrew's cell phone to play this game on it called Batmui or something. It's a pretty wicked game. It involves beans and cups, and you play against the "phone."

Well, we were heading back to the Loop, and one of these bums walks through the "STOP Do Not Enter! For Emergency use ONLY!" doors that connects the trains. He starts up his well-rehersed mantra, "Please, I'm homeless, can anyone help me? Change for a sandwhich? I haven't eatten in three days" I'm thinking Change for a sandwhich my ass ... What they usually do with that money is buy cigarettes or liqor, of course. He finishes his mantra with "God bless you ... " and then since no one answered him, he started going to individual people. So, he started with us first. Here's me, playing a game on a cell phone, and Andrew with his eyes closed (It was about 12:30 at night, we were tired from our El hunting excursion) And he gets in our face, "Excuse me, can I have some change?" No, but here, have a bloody tic tac ... he asks again, a bit louder this time, because both of us are ignoring him, "EXCUSE ME, can I have some CHANGE?!" When he finally realizes we're not going to answer him, he mutters, "Fuck you all, selfish bastards ... "

I don't think God would bless selfish bastards. This is why I hate homeless people. They have shelters for this sort of thing. You go, you get free food by chumps that decided to give a damn about your sorry asses. It's hard enough for me to hold a job and get money for things I want and need. Like hell I'm going to hand over my hard-earned cash to someone who begs.

They should make a law against beggers on the El trains ...
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