November 19th, 2002



On my daily round of website hopping, The Leaky Cauldron is one of my favorite places to go for Potterian news. And within that page I found a link to an article about Prizoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire film complications.

I just thought that I'd babble on about my opinions behind the filming of my 2 favorite books in the series. So, you may leave now if you do not wish to read my rambling ^_^

Well, after having completed all four books in the series, I still wonder which is my favorite: Prisoner of Azkaban or Goblet of Fire. PoA has 2 extremely cool characters, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black. Don't let me get into the casting calls for these two. As long as they're hot, and can act, I could really care less who they pick. Ralfh Finnes and Christian Bale would be my top choices however.

Goblet of Fire is just the darkest, most evil and intese book I've read. Oh, and I vote for David Bowie to be Voldemort, if anyone out there from Warner Brother's is LISTENING ... or .. whatnot ... right.

This whole banter about how the kids are outgrowing their rolls makes me nervous. Yes, I know they're growing up. But so what?! I've explained the whole Dawson's Creek deal many times in passing with friends. 22 year olds playing 16 & 17 year olds. It CAN be done! Besides, replacement is just NOT an option.

Then we're into the whole "What? Not the same actors? This isn't a sequel, it's a rip off!" (Andrew and I had a discussion about this I think ... or maybe it was Kenny? Or Ash? I forget ... ) But then you're getting into the Home Alone sequal deal. Same movie title, different kid actor, different stupid reason he's without his parents.

Harry Potter will NOT be the same without Daniel, Rupert, Emma, or Tom. Talks of Tom Felton leaving after Prisoner of Azkaban make me jittery too. He's such a smashing, amazing Draco Malfoy. And to quit such a franchise like that to become a fisheries manager?! Ok, so he likes fishing ... but ... I mean ... his ego's as big as Dracos! You'd THINK he'd stay with the better paying job, no? It would devistate me if they replaced the main actors. I think many fans can agree with me on this. Daniel Radcliffe IS Harry Potter. No other kid can take his place, or I will refuse to see the movies.

Live with the fact that they're kids, that they're growing up, and that they may look a BIT older than everyone else. Don't replace them, or risk loosing a load of book fans, at least this is my opinion.

And as for the whole Goblet of Fire issue. I heard that splitting the film into two separate movies was a good idea. I mean, they did it with Lord of the Rings, no? The movie kinda just ... ended ... Now, I've never read the books, and my friends who had read them said that they stopped in the middle of the book or something, thus ending my confusion. So, if LotR can do it, so can GoF. Besides, I can see how doing the entire Quidditch World Cup AND the Triwizard Tournament would be a big chunk out of Chris Columbus's preverbial Warner Brothers wallet. I mean, he's not George Friggin Lucas, is he? Besides, the overload of all that goes on in the book would get boring if you tried to cram it all into one movie that's 4 hours long. And even then, 4 hours would not be enough for GoF.

And this article says that the 5th book is going to be longer than the 4th ... JK Rowling didn't say that ... she just said that there was one more chapter than the 4th book. That doesn't necessarily MEAN that it'll be longer. Damn journalists ...

So, there's my rant. Comments are welcomed :)
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Taken from

And there's this from Tom Felton, 14, who plays Draco Malfoy: ''My friend bought [the Draco doll] and we were playing with it down by the riverside, torturing it, breaking its arms, and dangling it over the bridge. We killed it in the end. That was odd, playing with a toy that looks kinda like you.''

Craaaazy Tom ... surprising thing is, I can see him doing this ...
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