November 15th, 2002


Late night rompage

Well, today was rather uneventful. I went to sleep last night earlier than usual. Yet, when I woke up, it was 10:30. I got up, fooled around on the computer a bit, and then waited for my roomie to get back, and went to the cafe to get food. She had to go to class, and I was picking up some grub to bring back, because I have so much money on my meal plan card, and I don't know if it'll carry over into the next trimester ... *scratches head*

But yes, my evening was pretty much planned out, and it went by without a hitch ... sort-of.

Charlie had Pam over, one of my old "aquantences" from high school. She still has my goddamned year books. I want them back! Well, not the Butler ones, but my Freshman year one would be NICE! *roar*

Yeah, so we bummed around Chi-Town, ate great food, went back and chilled in the apartment. Poor Charlie was sent to take Pam home, because she insisted on doing all her laundry for free in a home setting. *rolls eyes*

We had mucho fun with my digicam, watched some Thumb Wars, played/listened to a little Petras guitar, drew some smilies :) and then it was time for us to depart. Adam, Jen, Starrla and I got on the El, and went our separate ways. Luckly, I wasn't attacked by sex craving midgets, as is my biggest fear, on my way to my dorm.

All in all, life is good ... Harry Potter TOMORROW! Well ... no, actually ... TODAY! My 'Arry friend is seeing it right now. Should I wake up tomorrow for my 8:30 class? *strokes invisible beard*
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