November 13th, 2002


Must write down before I forget!!

I had an absolutely wonderful dream last night for some reason. It involved a few of my favorite people. I'm not quite sure how it started, but I remember going into a clothing store with my mom, and Lucius was there. For some reason, I had a midget with me, and my mom said we had to cloth her in something better than what she was wearing, something more like what my mother was wearing. <__<; Anyways, Lucius started talking to me, and my mom and the midget disapeared *YAY!* "Well well, look who it is ... " he said. He didn't say my name, just grinned at me. I melted right on the spot and I shook his hand. He no longer was in his Lucius character and started to talk to me as if he were his normal self: hilariously funny, and overly charming. Then, Harry comes in, and for some reason he's holding a gnome ( I think I've been playing the CoS PC game a bit too much lately ... ) and he tossed it into a gnome hole, then walked over to stand in this ... line. Apparently, it was for Quidditch tryouts? I don't know, but then I realized Jason and I were sitting on an inflatable chair (he's still in his Lucius outfit BTW) Watching a movie. I'm playing with his hands, he's laughing lightly at my interest in his fingers. He starts talking to me and being really cute and such, and then before I know it, I'm curled in his lap and on the verge of sleeping. I wake up like, seconds later, in my dream, not IRL, and Jason is gone. I'm in the mall still, and I walk into this store, but ... amazingly, it's my old bedroom, and those two monster's from Monster's Inc, Mike and Sully? Yeah, they were there, browsing around my room at home. O_o; Well, I shooed them out of my "room" and back into the mall ... that's when I seemed to have some sudden burst of energy and I started running. I ran straight up to a wandering gnome and kicked him clear over the railing into some green boiling ectoplasm lake. And then, I ran for Harry and glomped him like mad (no, seriously ... I almost pulled his sweater off in mid-glomp) as I ran at him, and then found another line of people waiting to get an autograph from Anna Paquin O_o;; And like, I rounded the room and I saw my mom accepting all these gifts and stuff of chocolate cakes and balloons and diamonds, and she looked really happy. When I tried to yoink a chocolate, she slapped me. Then I remember suddenly being put on a train ... then the dream just gets blurred from then on, because I woke like, every half an hour ... My first dream I can safely say I had with Jason Isaacs, and it made me feel really really good ^___^;
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