November 10th, 2002


One quiz, I promise

I hate those people that do nothing but QUIZZES in their LJs ... oh wait, aren't I the only one that's quiz crazy? *blinks*

Which male HP character are you most compatible with?

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Anywhoo, this is the latest. Not surprised here. Either F&G or Ron was whom I was hoping for. Sure, bad guys can be fun, but someone with a sence of humor is just 10x's better.

And yes, my trip home was rather uneventful. It was bloody nice this weekend. Almost 70 degrees on Friday, Satruday and Sunday were upper 60's. I went to visit Ash at her work and bought the Chamber of Secrets PC game. I just spent an hour playing it. I'm rather pissed that I don't get to de-gnome the guarden. The PC game skips right to the Whomping Willow. Grr!

Oh well, can't have everything. Only 5 more days. Ash's BF is getting us tickets for Friday night. How sweet! I'm going to dress up. I dunno who else is, but I know I am going to ... because I am an UBER dork. I really am ... wish I had a huge group of friends to go with. Wish I had a Gilderoy Lockhart too *winks to Mana kun*

If you look around my room, every other thing you look at is something HP related ... this is getting out of hand, dontcha think? Yeah, I think so too.

*groan* I have a kanji no tesuto tomorrow. I haven't studied ... I'm gonna flunk out >< this blows ...

I want to be in the theater school. I have to call for an interview sometime tomorrow. And I have to call the human resources department at Home Depot for my job back this winter. They said that they've downsized QUITE a lot, and that scares me. They may not let me back, and that would really really piss me off. I worked so damn hard to get that job. Damn school for getting in the way. I told them I would be coming back, but I don't want to have to go through the whole interview process all over again or something. Another Home Depot is being built right down the street, technically in Oak Brook, where I live. The one I'm at right now is in Downers Grove, about a 5 minute drive. If I get transfered to the one in Oak Brook, then it's only a 2 minute drive ... but it's a new store, and I'm going to have to learn where everything is, and that sucks.

I'm tired. I need sleep. I just realized that every new thing that I brought back with me from home is HP related ... 2 magazines, the game, the calendar ... I need help .. someone help me? *wimper*
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