November 8th, 2002


Goin' home!

Well, first time I've seen my father in a long ... long time. He's coming to pick me up after class. I can't wait to get home!

DDR! My room! My car! My cat! Yay!

I was walking to class today, thinking about my trip home. Last year, I went home almost every weekend, because my mom wanted me to. Now that I don't have to do that as often, it feels weird.

Got my frame for my Quidditch poster. It looks uber sweet. The frame cost me $16. And then Ash tells me that I can get the same frame at Hobby Lobby for like ... $7 ><

I hate wasting money. Speaking of money, I need to get my paycheck before I go home. I'm scared to go get it. I haven't been at work for a long time. The twins caught me on the way to class yesterday and then they came over to see my dorm room a bit. They were acting like your typical 13 yr olds, and writting "I love Daniel Radcliffe" on everyone's wipe boards e.e;

I need to start work on my Gackt Oasis outfit, and my Quidditch robes ... and ... Gekka Kozi ... *squirm* meep, so many projects!

Hopefully, if I get into the theater school, I can work on some of my projects for class, like Jen is doing right now. She's making her Gekka Yu~Ki outfit for her class, claiming that Yu~Ki is her "alternate personality"

I think that we've all really become our characters. At first, I was going to be Yu~Ki, because he was orange. And one of my favorite colors is orange. My friends wondered why I didn't choose Yu~Ki. I didn't think I'd look good in a top hat and such. Jen did a great job on Yu~Ki anyways. And I prefered Kozi anyways. He seems the most like me ... or maybe, I became Kozi after Acen ... *strokes invisible beard*

How many more days? Oh yeah .. 7 DAYS!!! WOO!
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