November 4th, 2002


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Ok, so I have about a half an hour until I have to go to Japanese. The class really isn't all that bad. This quiz today should be easy, if I can get shidouhanbaiki right ><. That's the most annoying word I think I've ever encountered. And do you know what it means? Vending machine! Pffft.

Anywhoo, what's been going on in the land of KoziBot. Well, other than boring my friends out there with stupid quizes from quizilla, I've been setting my Ron muse loose.

I think of all the Harry Potter characters I can relate to, it would have to be Ron ... I don't know why. I'm not brave like Harry, I'm not smart like Hermione, and I'm not evil like Snape. I'm cute and stupid like Ron. Seem fair?

I put a new pic of me up on my Yahoo profile from the Halloween party photo shoot at Jen's school. Some really really cute Japanese girl IMed me, talking in broken English and said that I looked really really cute as Harry #^.^#

A lot of people have said I look cute as the Potter boy ... I think it's the haircut. And I love my haircut. My 'rents probably won't, but I do. And I think I've finally decided that I'm not straight. I've been telling people that I'm pansexual, and no one knows what that is really. Last night, I came to the conclusion that I was at least bi. And it makes me feel good that I've finally discovered something about me.

And now, I'm telling it to the world. Although you'd think with all of my crazy yaoi obsessions that I wouldn't at least be partially gay. But yaoi is fun. And as my pal Ash put it, apparently I'm not a psycotic yaoi fan. I certainly think I am, but I just don't express it much. I think people would get weirded out if I did. And I do want to make people think I'm weird, but not in that way.

Speaking of which, the little girls at the costume shop really idolize me. I went to work to get some things before Halloween, and like, Alex or Demi (I'm not sure which one it was. Their TWINS for cheese sake! It's .. really hard to tell. I just usually say Alex/Demi) came up to me and hugged me. I love children, at least I think I do. I'm really good with them. It takes a lot for them to annoy me. I don't like babies though. And I don't really like teenagers either. I like kids ... Harry Potter-aged kids ... ^_^;

ONLY 10 MORE DAYS! lakjgfoiawetagkdh!!! I can't waaaaait XD;
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Best Hogwarts quiz!

I was Peeves at first ... I'm SO not Peeves -.-

It's kinda ... not really fair to go back and take a quiz over just because you don't like the results. But ... it really depends on the mood you're in. At least that's my take on these personality quizes.

Arthur 97 Cho Chang 62

Weasley Twins 95 Hermione 62

Peeves 89 Percy 62

Lockhart 85 Flitwick 61

Colin 82 Krum 61

Ron 80 Harry 59

Hagrid 72 Fleur 57

Neville 71 Oliver 57

Ginny 69 Voldemort 57

Ludo 68 Dumbledore 56

Susan B 68 Remus 55

Crabbe 67 Draco 54

Wormtail 67 Muggle PM 52

Sirius 66 Snape 50

Cedric 65 Karkaroff 49

Angelina 64 McGonagall 48

Dobby 63 Vernon 46