October 31st, 2002



Halloween is my favorite holiday by FAR. Even more so than Christmas, because I hate snow, and my 'rents never get me any presents I want ><. Except last year when they got me the Harry Potter books ...

For my peer party this year, there will be a Harry Potter, a white Pope, a elf, a LuLu (FFX), Dorothy, a Ron Weasley ( I think ... ) a green fairy absanth, and a Mizerable 17th century/Alucard Gackt XD

We're going trick or treating around Chicago! And then going in search of parties to crash! And then back to my best friends dorm for MORE TRICK OR TREATING! Woo for candy XD

I just finished making Harry's tie last night, and I'm still working on my friends Pope costume ... it's like, 80% done, and when I went to go make more of it, I broke the needle on my sewing machine >< and so ... now I'm scared to do any more. Maybe in an hour, I'll work on it again ... my friend Drew, whom I'm making his costume for, was surprised that I could pull off making the costume in like, one day. Except for one misshap with sewing the sleeve on wrong, it's been smooth sailing. all I need to finish is the collar, make the cape, sew the hem up the front, put the velcro on, and then ... Drew and I get to work on the 12 buttons! woo ... can't wait ... after sewing 36 buttons on my Vash coat, I don't think 12 will be all that bad ...

ugh ... cramps! Why did my monthy friend have to come NOW?! *siiiigh*
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