October 30th, 2002


Night time randomness

Just got finished watching Oprah. The one Oprah that I was suppose to be on. Apparently, she showed a group of HP fans the Chamber of Secrets, and the fans got to meet Dani, Rupert and Emma too.

I should've been on that show. I would've been the oldest one there but ... I still should've been on the show. I mean, how many of you can HONESTLY say you know a bigger HP fan than me?

I complained because some special kid got an ultra cool movie prop wand, and so to make me feel better, she rolled up a piece of paper and handed me my "ultra special one-of-a-kind wand." ... stupid stoner ... at least she made me laugh *shrug*

Maybe if I was some handicapped child, I could get a special Hogwarts wand given to me by Dani -_-;

Ok, so that was a bit cruel. I'm taking this whole thing like it's the end of the world. Why am I so upset about it? Why am I so pissed off I couldn't go. I was there. I was down town at the time, closer than if I were in my dorm. But I didn't know until the day after.

It makes me so mad, and at the same time, really depressed.

I got my hair cut again today. It's really really short. I got recognized on the street today as "Harry Potter" by a few kids. I was wearing my scarf and black trench coat. *sigh* I'm pathetic, aren't I? I'm never gonna get laid looking like a boy ...

Maybe it's time for me to switch sides ... don't you think?

Leave me a comment: Should I switch sides and go dyke?

I have far more girlfriends that like me than guyfriends ... And with this short haircut, I know I'm going to be asked if I'm a lesbian ...

*sigh* I just want to drink until I pass out ... oh wait, I'm not 21 ... fuck you, America ...
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