October 26th, 2002


Day of Hell

Ok, so I have one more hour until I have to storm upon my work place and help last-minute idiots find a costume.

Yesterday, I had a man come in asking if we had any more Twinky outfits. I looked at him and said "Whatever's out is what we have."

He then proceeded to bitch at me, like that would do anything for him. He said he drove all the way from boofoo Gary Indiana, a 4 hour drive, because it said on our website that we had 2 left ... well, sorry pal, but didn't anyone ever tell you never trust online sources. It was around, 8:30 at night, we had a half an hour until we closed, and Mary mentiones our other stores at Water Tower and Michigan ave. But they closed at 7. So the man was all hot and bothered, but there was nothing we could do.

That'll teach him never drive 4 hours to a store, because of what it said on the stores website! Jeez, I would've at least CALLED first, before making the bloody long haul out here!

*shakes head* thank God for making my own costumes ... a good 3 months in advance!
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Pathetic me

Ok, I know for a FACT this is pathetic.

It's Saturday night, I've been working since 3. I'm tired, I feel DIRTY, and drained.

And I'm sitting here in front of my computer, on a Satruday night, when there's not ONE Halloween party I can go to ... pisses me off quite frankly.

Not to mention, I have NO friends online right now. They're all out having parties and having tons of fun ... no one's called me to invite me to parties. I feel so bloody fuckin' alone.


Oh well ... I'll just ... go ... do something ... like ... watch Harry Potter trailers or lok for more pictures ... or something ... *shrug*
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