October 23rd, 2002


Not as shitty as yesterday, but still quite down there ...

Kaede came back from YCon! And she got me Gojyo goodies *swoon* Thank yew Drakkie buddy :D

Uhm yeah, this post is going to be rather very ... random. Things I ment to post before but haven't gotten a chance, due to UJ stuff and IRL stuff, and stuff stuff ...

Well, Drew's still wanting me to make his Priest outfit. I dunno WHEN I'll be able too, I really don't ... but I WILL DO IT. Even if I have to do it Halloween day ... which he prolly won't want. All the good parties will probably be this weekend.

It's my dad's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! I sent him a cheesy Garfield online greeting card.

I want to play DDR ... now ... I'm listening to "Ghosts" one of the best DDR songs ever ... even better because I knew the song way before DDR 6th Mix had it. Yay for Gatecrasher!

Uhm, I had a weird homosexual dream 2 nights ago involving one of my good friends. I confrunted her about it, and I felt like I had to. I don't know why. I feel sorry that I even told her. Now she'll think of me as just ... sick or something. I dunno. We're still talking tho. So it's ok.


I'm glad I wasn't the only one to notice this *pokes her Harry*

It was a really REALLY neat scene. Dani was so nervous, so unbelievable squealy cute. Some rabbid fan girls gave him something. It was probably like, a little card with their phone numbers on it or something. Pssh, stupid girls ... What *I* would've done was just ... SNOGGED HIM MERCILESSLY! IN FRONT OF MILLIONS OF VIEWERS! And then being dragged away from him by big beefy security guards and told never to come back, and Dani would probably put a restraining order on my, and all my friends would laugh, but I'd probably make front page news being that I'm 19 and Dani's ... 14, and I snogged a minor!

*deep breath* Yeah, that was a bit of a stretch ... why do I feel so gitty all of a sudden?

Just came back from Japanese, didn't fail my kanji no quizu. Woohoo! That makes me feel better.

Mmmmn, sugar cookies ... vanilla coke ... now I can die happy ... wait, no, I need Dani or Rupert first! Wait Mr. Grim Reeper! I was just kidding! NO DON'T TOUCH ME! AAAAH! *fade to black*
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