October 22nd, 2002


A few new finds!

Due to the evil bandwith buzzards, I can't directly link pics from CoS ... they're not happy >P

If you want to go find them, they're on the first page of http://www.the-leaky-cauldron.org the BEST Harry Potter info site ever!


Oh yeah, and I filled out this form on Oprah.com. She said she was looking for the biggest Harry Potter fans ... C'mon, you all know me! If I don't make it on that show, I'm going to start to Crucio some people! >O
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yay for work!

So, today at work, I did a really stupid thing.

Well, first of all, I was 15 minutes late because Dani Radcliffe was on TRL.

Oh Gods, he was so cute, so shy, so EFFING adorable! My roomie stared at me weird when I squealled <_< But yeah, I got to work, I went to work right away, the store was SWAMPED ... SO swamped! But yah, I was putting away some armor, and I bashed my head on the edge of a sword handle, and cut my eyebrow. I got this cute Nyago band-aid from a friend ... And I told people that I tried to cut the lightening bold shaped scar on my head, and didn't get very far ... People believed me ... do they really think I'm that insane about Harry Potter? O_o;
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