October 21st, 2002




Entertainment! Woo! The point of the game is to replace "Pants" with a word from the book.

Some of my favorite lines:

"Yes!" Ron yelled, yanking Harry's pants into the air. "Yes! Yes!"

Snape's face was twisted with fury as he droped his robes quickly to hide his pants. Harry gulped. "I just wondered if I could have my pants back."

Ron: Hermione! Your....your Pants!
Herm: What about them?
Ron: Well....they're all straight and....well....normal sized!

Voldy: May your Pants never waver again, Wormtail.


So, Kozibot's been pretty bored ... so ... Kozibot made new Közi icons for the hell of it ...

I'm in an icon making mood. Anyone else get those urges?

It's either icons, or WinAmp skins. I haven't gotten the wallpaper urge yet ...

I'd love to learn how to make animated icons *nod*