October 19th, 2002


work, play, boredom

Yay, today at work I got to dress in costume. I wore the red Queen Amidala outfit for about, half an hour, until I couldn't stand it any more and took it off, to replace it with a flapper girl outfit. But I hated that, because it showed off my knobby gross knees. So, finally I settled on being a random vampire, wearing a cape, top hat, and carrying around a cane with white gloves. It was fun. I'm going as Harry Potter next Saturday.

If this Saturday was crazy, I fear for what is going to happen NEXT Saturday.

Everyone that walks into the store is going to say, "Quick! I need a last minute costume that's really great and doesn't look like I got it only 4 days before Halloween!"

And of course, all the good costumes will be gone. And it'll be insane, just like it was today. *huff* getting paid $5/hr cash is not worth it for what I do >P

My work buddy Christin is going as the green absanthe fairy. She says it's really neat and very sparkly. I believe her.

I'm bored ... and Justin's trying to talk to me. Why aren't I blocking him? I'm giving him a chance to redeem himself. I'll end up probably blocking him anyway *shrug*

I'm not in the mood to think ... I just want sleep ... and yaoi ... and Harry Potter ... and JRock .. that's it ... is that too much to ask for?
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