October 18th, 2002


Will it ever end?

Ok, should I go to Japanese today, or not? I don't really feel like it. I got my mid-trimester report, and I'm getting a 64%

I don't know if that's a D or what. I think it is, no? My friend Tiarra says I shouldn't go. What do YOU think?

I just want to sleep ...

A behind the scenes look at Chamber of Secrets is going to be on ET tonight. So, go watch it. DO IT. You know you want to ...

My roommate and her boyfriend are such fuckin' pricks ... I hope they get caught soon. I'd love to have a single room for the rest of the year.

I hear Petras is thinking of dropping out of IIT to go to UIC or Columbia. If I can't get into the Theater school here at DePaul, I'm going to Columbia. Yay for hippy schools!

Bone of the father, unknowingly given, you will renew your son!
Flesh of the servant, willingly given, you will revive your Master!
Blood of the enemy, forcibly taken, you will resurrect your foe!

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    My roomie's ringtone ... Fur Elise


Word of the day ... erm ... night: squae

C'mon now, everyone say it together. Squae! SQUAE!!

*trots off*
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    FF 8 music ... so .. repetative ... going to kill self ...