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I know it's because I'm about to go on my rag but ...

I just fucking hate everyone and everything around me. I just want to be left alone to sleep or sew or play video games alone. I feel like shit, and I don't want to go to class. I want to get drunk and stoned and forget about the world for a few blissful hours.

Roleplaying has died for me, and it makes me sad and really empty. It was my life for so long. I loved it so much that when my mom threatened to take the computer away, I nearly hit her.

It's pathetic. Maybe I should just ... stop ... stop everything ...

Except sewing. Sewing is good. It's a healthy activity, right?

I've lost all my online friends, except for a very small select few. I'm sure things will pick up right around the time the 3rd movie comes out but ... maybe I don't want it to ...
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