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The Dark Mark has faded into nothing ... my luggage has been unpacked ... the magic of the weekend dwindles away as I say hi to my dad, and all I get is a scowl Severus Snape would be proud of.

I'm home, and I had an amazing weekend.

For full details, I shall save all of those who are magically HP illiterate and place my entire weekend report behind a cut tag ...


Well, I start here, because this is somewhat important. I was tring to go to slep at 8-ish, because I had a taxi coming to get me in the morning to take me to the airport. But dad woke me up and told me I was a fucking sorry ass and that to take a taxi at 5 am was the stupidest thing he'd ever heard of ... ok, I didn't live in the city for 2 years and just twidle my thumbs in my dorm room. They get so paranoid over stupid things. So, he tells me he's going to take me to the airport. Yay, I save $20.


Dad and I don't talk on the way to the airport, I get out, grab my luggage, and he drives away, not a word said between us ... o ... kay. I get to the ticket counter, she doesn't even look at my ID, I get my boarding pass, go through a bajillion security checks, and finally, arrive at my gate, a good hour and a half before my flight. Call my mum, tell her I got through security alright. Board the plane, sat next to a nice man, talked a bit, read GoF, listened to JRock. Before we knew it, 2 hours had passed, and we were preparing for landing. I've never been on a flight shwere we'd pass so many fluffy clouds. It was amazing to fly through and past them. It was as if they were solid snow covered mountains. It was fantastic. One of them looked like Dobby *snrk*.

So, I get off, call Caitlin, they're about 20 min away. I go get my luggage and step out into the soakingly humid 90 degree Florida weather, and wait. Finally, they arrive, I load my stuff in, and we're off to the hotel! I meet Brit and Aria, Aria's mum is the driver for us. We're out on the road, avoiding the tolls, and hitting a lot of traffic. We talk very very adamently about slash, our fav pairings, and many many laughs were had. Talked a bit about alligators in golf courses, how crappy SeaWorld is, and drive by a gift shop with a huge Merlin the Wizard protruding from its roof. We get to the hotel, we check in, we're in the room.

We're there a good 4 or 5 hours before the actual start of the con, so we mill about the resort, head on down to the convention area, and find 2 ladies in wizards robes. None of us are in costumes (I was the only one that brought costumes, actually.) I gave Aria and Brit and Caitlin HP shirts to wear, while I just wore what I arrived in. After seeing the 2 witches, someone suggests that I put on my Snape costume. So, we mill about for a little more, find s'more Nimbus attendee's and then head back up to the room. I get dressed, my roommates are impressed, I give Aria my video game Gryffindor robes to wear (even though she's a pureblooded Slytherin)and we set back out to the con.

We're walking around, and come across 2 other cosplayers. A Luna Lovegood and a Hermione Granger, with REAL bushy hair. They had a stuffed pink bunny, and were holding up signs that read "We love you FedEx" and "I love Rue" and a Draco sign that said "I like cats!" We chilled with them, found out they were super cool people, and hung around them, snce they were sitting right by the registration pick up area. I got my pic taken a bunch of times, people complimenting on my wig (which I thought was mediocre, but oh well!) We found a rather talkative and really nice Draco to hang out with. She drew a Dark Mark on my arm, so I was happy about that. We walked aorund a bit more, then registration opened. They split the line into different types of registration, and then, at the last minute, they had a "costumed" line, so I got my pre-reg before everyone.

I got my pic taken by another Slytherin, and she told me I'd be up on the internet by tomorrow. I found this very creepy, but oh well, it's not like I'm not very used to it ... *cough fans view cough*. We found out that the Hermione and Luna were anime con goers, and they like Saiyuki, and they'd brought their Sanzou and Goku costumes to wear to the con, and one girl brought an Inu Yasha costume too. From now on, if I say the crazy girls, I mean Alex (Luna) and Pan (Mione) because that's what I called them all weekend. I got to see queerasjohn and I didn't know he had a huge roll in this con, so that was a welcomed surprise. Walked around more, checked out Kumpulsive Alley, got my Snape wand from a most excellent wand maker. Bought a few stickers too. But that wasn't the end of my spending.

So, yeah, the "Feast" for the start of the con was absolute shite. All there was ... was pizza. And the drinks weren't included, they were an extra $2 for a 12 oz can. So, I boycotted and didn't have pizza, but rather a turkey and cheese on white bread back in the room. Then, there was the Maurauder's panel. That was fun, yelled at a few people that told Snape off, dressed in costume, great fun. Mione and Luna and Aria and I decided to go swimming after around midnight, because then there wouldn't be that many people. So, we went swimming, but there was still a lot of people. The day came to a steady close, and we all unanimously agreed that, if today was amazing, the rest of the con would be spectacular. We were not far off ...


Woke up around 7 am, got dressed, talked a bit about what we were to do, went down to the continental breakfast, which was a bit better than the dinner the previous night. More picture taking, and the crazies show up at around 11. They'd slept in, having stayed up almost all night, talking in the bathroom while their parents were trying to sleep. Inu Yasha was a great hit, especially with a sign that read "Oops ... wrong fandom." Alex and Pan were known as the sign girls to everyone. They had a gajillion signs they carried with them. They took the now no longer needed FedEx signs and wrote on the back of them, like "Slashers of the world, untie!" and "Harry Potter is not the anti-Christ (I am)" and "I am Draco Malfoy, a beautiful and unique snowflake ... I like pink boots ... they're FUSCIA!" and they also made a "LJ Users sign here!" sign. It was a hyooog hit.

The con was comprised of 95% women, about 20% being over the age of 40 or so, the majority being between 17 and 24, and a smaller percentage from 14-17, and a few 13 yr olds that should not have been there. And 99.9% of the attendees were slashers ... sooo, it was like Yaoi con. But I never went to yaoi con, and I think it was somewhat different, because you're focusing on one work, which is the books, and at yaoi con, you've got a lot of diferent yaoi pairings.

We went to a panel on fanfiction and the legality issues. They talked about tradmarks, copyrights, patents and such, all very interesting, but VERY long. The longest panel at the con. We got out, found more costumed people, took pictures, and found another Snape, Narcissa, another Malfoy, and a few other random Slytherins. It was s if we truly were in Hogwarts, because the Slytherins would move as a pack, and the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws would stay away from them. We got up on some tables, had Narcissa/Harry, Snape/Snape, Draco/Draco duals and such, then we found a Cornelius Fudge, who was (I found out at the airport, reading the guide book on Sunday) one of the guest speakers. He was just dressed in a suit, and we took many pictures with him for the London paper and the Palm Beach paper.

More milling, more signage, more people stepping on my robes. No one called one another by their real names. I was always known as Snape, and Kayla was known as Draco the whole time. I didn't even catch Narcissa or the other Snapes real names. More panels, more shopping, the wand maker informed me that Snapes wand was the first to be sold out. All of the Slytherin wands were going the fastest.

We headed back to the room, I took a break from the wig and the robes, I hadn't seen Caitlin much, because she found her Biggerstaff fan friends from online and hung out with them. I don't think any more panels interested me, and it seemed most of my time was spent walking around in the dealers room, getting my picture taken, and resting my feet. We walked over to the Dolphin for a #2 hyooog cookie and a drink, stares galore. Oh well, didn't phase me. The Swan and Dolphin hotel is actually two separate ones. The con was in the Swan, and that's where we stayed. So, walking over to the Dolphin, many people over there really didn't seem to know about the HP con, so it was rather creepy. We didn't stay long, and headed back over to the Swan. Thank God the hotel was air conditioned, or I would've died. Wearing all black, rather thick fabric was a pain in the arse when we traveled outside, which wasn't often, thank god.

Dinner ... what did I have for dinner ... I don't think I did have dinner. I just ate more of my cookie that I didn't eat at lunch. Had a coke, I think. Watched some water ballet! Yeah! Water ballet! It was terrifying to watch how these girls moved in the water ... like ... their legs were doing the most crazy movements ever. Aria commented, "If they can do that in water, I wonder what they're like in bed!" True Aria ... oh so true ...

Friday was also a historic day. It was the first official Quidditch match to be played on North American soil. The teams had all been signed up, but there were alternate positions available. I signed up for at least 8 or 9 alternate positions, because I wanted to play sooo badly. So, the first team is called, and their Seeker is not there, so ... I got to be Seeker! The very first Quidditch team! I was the Seeker! Our team name was the Orlando Osprys. Our colours would make Gilderoy happy, lilac and merigold. Everyone was there to watch the first Quidditch match of the con. It was incredible fun! Basically, since Muggles were around, no brooms could be used. The bludgers had to remain on the ground, and there were a ton of other rules. It was incredible how much fun it was. I wore my great big parachute Hediwg pants that everyone seemed to love, when in fact I hated them because they made me look like I had a super fat ass. So, the game went on for 17 minutes, I finally caught the snitch, and the game was won, 160 to 20! I ran around like a madwoman after catching the snitch, and many pictures were taken in front of the score board. Another game was played, but then most people had left. Then a 3rd game, where Draco was a Chaser. They needed a beater, and Draco called me over, so I was now on 2 teams. Hopefully, I wouldn't have to play on both teams in the championship. Lucky, I didn't, because Draco's team (I forgot their name e.e;) lost miserably to the other team, but it was such a Gryffindor vs. Slytherin match, no one called anything.

In the championship game, it was the Slytherin team vs. us, the Osprys. By then, no one was around, so it wasn't as impressive as the first game. Not to mention it was about a 4 minute long game, because the snitch was being lazy. (the snitch was actually a person holding a little yellow ball with wings on it) And so, the other team won. Oh well, I'm not a sore looser, we congratulated them. It wasn't their falt the game was shitty. It was because it was 9, and everyone was rather tired from the days activities.

Then, there was the birthday bash. None of us went, because it was an extra $10 to get in, so instead, we roamed freely around the hotel. A storm kicked up, so we watched that for a bit, while fireworks were going off in the distance. It was quite intense. We went back to my hotel room and played around on my buggie walkie talkie, catching the cleaning lady channel, and some other channel. Then, I was so tired, but Pan Chan got me up and moving again. Wandered about the hotel s'more, went back into the dealer's room and talked to wand master. He took our picture and said he was dedicating a page on his website to the Slytherins.

So, I was beat, I went back to the room and climbed into bed, Brit was already there and trying to sleep. Aria and Caitlin arrived later.


So, this is technically the big day. Waking up once again at 7, got a shower, got dressed in Snape again, and headed down to breakfast. There was a panel on the Evils in HP that most of us wanted to go to, so we met up with Draco and Lori. After that panel was something else, but we didn't want to listen, so we left. More pictures, more dueling, more shop browsing. The Snape panel was at 1:30, and we knew that there was the massive gathering of Snape fans that would be there. So, we decided to hang out around the panel room, waiting to get in. Well, we got bored with waiting, and suddenly, the really awesome Draco from cosplaylab appears, and all the Slytherins are like .. *GLOMP!* Many pictures were taken, more dueling pictures, some outside pictures.

But then, the Snape panel line was long, and they were only admiting 180 people. So, we got in line, got in, and he first thing I hear someone say is "Oh good! The costumed Snape got in!" The panel was interesting, there were many fans there that didn't seem to happy to be there, mostly like, the goth crowd. But we met up with a real male Snape, with an awesome pimp cane! Got our pictures taken with him, he admired my dark mark (lots of Slytherins did) and asked who did it, and he thought it was real :D. I think my parents would've flipped if it was real.

That was the only panel I really wanted to go to, so after that, we ordered a pizza, I got a shower, dressed and got ready for the double feature. They showed the 2 movies on a big screen in a big room. They were selling HP pillowcases, and someone brought blow up chairs and pillows and stuff. We created our Death Eater circle, right out in front. Screaming myself hoarse, it was a battle between who had the bigger fan, Snape, Lucius, or Draco. All of whom are slytherins, no less. There was going to be a second showing from midnight to 6 am, dedicated to the sashers, but I'd had my fill of slash from the first showing. It was an incredible time, watching the movies with so many slashers, thinking all of the same things I thought of when seeing the films, and even a few things that I never really thought about. After the two showings, I retreated back to my room with Brit, because she had a massive migrane. We both fell asleep pretty quickly, and heard Aria and Caitlin arrive around 2-ish.

Our weekend of fun was coming to a close, but what an amazing weekend ...


We woke up the same time, maybe a little later, around 8. I couldn't bring myself to get out of bed. I didn't want the weekend to end already. Some of us showered, packed, and we headed down to the brunch, which was actually a really nice brunch! There was bacon, eggs, mashed potatoes, fruits, cereal, milk, juices. It was good. We ate jovially, and then headed out, back to the dealers room. We stopped by the wand maker again, and I had him sign my Nimbus 2003 book. He told me that Slytherin now had new meaning for him. He said that we'd changed his life. He gave me a hug and a fatherly kiss and I was happy. We found out then that they were going to auction off a lot of things. The banners, a few books, a few other items and one item in particular that I would've given my body and soul for. A messenger bag signed by Alan Rickman *_*. The bidding started at $25, I threw my hand up in the air and screamed $320! That's all the cash I had on me. But there was another fan there that had a credit card, and she won it for $450. I started crying. It was such a blow. Oh well, at least I still have my $320. They had Maurauder's banners that they were selling too. James went for $50, Wormtail went for $171 O_o;, Remus went for ... I believe around $200, and there was a hyooog battle over Sirius, which ended in 2 women paying $425 each for 2 separate banners, one which would be made later. All of the money went towards BookAid, which I thought was amazing.

After the Rickman signed bag was auctioned off, we went back to the room, grabbed our stuff, headed down, met Draco, she said her mom was in the lobby, and she and her mom were leaving on the noon knight bus, which was also the one I was leaving on. So, we talked s'more, the crazies showed up, and all too soon, it was noon, the bus was there. We said our goodbyes, hugged everyone, and left through the front doors of the hotel saying, "OTTOWAA!! SLYTHERIN!"

Much much fun was had, and I was sad to see the great state of Florida dissapear as I flew home, listening to CoS soundtrack and almost crying.

That was it ... I'm sure I left a lot out, but those are the important parts.

I'll miss you Nimbus!

Now, to go look for myself online :D
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